An update on speed awareness signs for Saundersfoot has been provided by one of the village’s county councillors.

“We’ve received positive news regarding the speed awareness cameras, with a meeting arranged for February 21 by the senior traffic technician from Pembrokeshire County Council with county councilor Alec Cormack and I,” said Cllr Chris Williams, county councillor for the south ward.

“He has looked at the existing traffic data and has proposed up to six locations to potentially site ‘driver feedback’ signs around the community of Saundersfoot.”

Cllr Williams said last year that the highways team at PCC had surveyed several sites around the area and identified locations where the devices were justified based on surveys of vehicle speeds.

The meeting will be onsite and walk through the six proposed sites that are as follows: Broadfield Hill northbound, Broadfield Hill southbound, Ridgeway Eastbound, Stammers Road Northeast bound, Stammers Road Southwest bound, Sandyhill Road Northeast bound.

“I will endeavor to keep residents updated after the meeting. I would also like to make it clear that while we have potentially six proposed sites, there is only funding in place for two speed awareness devices to be fitted at this time.

“There is still work to do and I’m sure working with Saundersfoot Community Council on this, would benefit the community,” he added.