Heatherton World of Activities has recently been part of a community project linked with the local village of St Florence.

The talented maintenance staff at Heatherton have installed an attractive new fence around the play area at St Florence playing fields, making it a safe and contained space for the children and families of the village to play within. The fence stretches the whole parameter of the play area, covering nearly 70 meters.

In line with Heatherton’s committed community work, the nearby attraction will be completing a new section of the car park next to the village hall by re-surfacing and tarmacking the area, to provide better access and more parking to residents and visitors to the village.

“We would like to take the opportunity to thank St Florence for their continual support with the development of Heatherton and the all year-round support that the village provides to the park, even during the quiet periods and winter months,” said Simon Hilling, marketing manager at Heatherton.