Members of Tenby Friendship Club were invited to visit the Mayor’s Parlour where they were welcomed by Mrs Sam Skyrme-Blackhall.

The visit took place on January 11. Once the 36 members had all found seats. Andrew Davies talked about the history of the town council, and the history of the ‘Parlour’. There was great interest in all the artefacts around the room.

Members thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon tea that Sam’s family had prepared for them, and then having a photo session with Sam in her mayoral robes. There is one hat shape for women mayors and another one for men mayors!

Victor thanked Sam and her family, and Andrew, for putting on such a great afternoon for the club members who really appreciated being welcomed into such a historical place.

On Wednesday, February 1 members will be watching a film show about Blenheim Palace, put on by Victor in Augustus Place Hall.