A hybrid-electric vessel tasked with taking technicians to offshore wind farms all over the UK and Europe, has been named after the seaside town of Tenby - paying tribute to ports and harbours across the country.

Purus HST is a Swansea-based company, bringing the offshore wind business to South Wales.

“One of our latest vessels is to be named HST Tenby and will be delivered to us March-April this year. This is a hybrid-electric vessel working on offshore wind, a great asset for renewable energy,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“When naming the latest vessels we picked the theme of UK ports and harbours. Being residents of South Wales, we wanted to name a few after those close to home, and introduced the HST Swansea last year who will be joined by her sister vessel HST Tenby in March.

“This is a FCS 2710 hybrid, built by Damen in Antalya, Turkey. These vessels are built with the clients’ journey in mind, to make it as comfortable and stress free as possible, with a twin-axe hull for fast transfers and stability.

“An exhaust gas after treatment system is included to ensure that the vessels are IMO Tier III compliant. This system reduces NOx and Sox in the vessel exhaust gases for cleaner, more efficient propulsion.

“These vessels are used to transfer technicians from shore to offshore wind parks for the operation and maintenance of turbines.

“Purus HST has been pioneering in decarbonising CTVs and reducing emissions in the offshore wind supply chain, operating the first hybrid-electric crew transfer vessel in the market in 2021.

“Since then, our hybrid fleet has grown and will grow even further with our next vessel, HST Tenby,” they added.