Members of Saundersfoot Community Council have been asked to provide their views to Pembrokeshire County Council on the Boundary Commision Review which has commenced.

The first stage of the review is to ask all interested parties to consider the current community boundaries and submit their views on any changes required to create communities that provide for effective and convenient local government.

All submissions will then be considered, and the Commission will publish a ‘Draft Proposals Report’ and will hold a consultation on those proposals.

All submissions will then be considered, and final recommendations will be submitted to Welsh Government Ministers.

The initial consultation period opened on October 23 and closes on December 17.

At this month’s meeting of Saundersfoot Community Council, county councillor for the seaside village’s north ward Cllr Alec Cormack outlined the background to members.

He explained that small community councils with the minimum of 6 councillors and perhaps only 50 voters per councillor may be encouraged to merge with neighbouring councils.

“Since Saundersfoot has 12 councillors with 1,918 electors we have 160 voters/councillors - well in excess of the 80-120 that is seen as ideal,” he said.

“The most likely outcome is therefore that the number of councillors will be increased for Saundersfoot.

“It is unlikely that there will be a serious detrimental impact for Saundersfoot.”

It was unanimously voted that as a council, members did not want to give feedback as a community council at this stage.