At the recent meeting of Penally Community Council, the ward’s county councillor Phil Kidney gave updates to members on ongoing matters.

Cllr Kidney said that the speed of vehicles driving through the village will be monitored from early January by the Highways department of Pembrokeshire County Council.

Given the narrow roadways and bends with limited pavements for pedestrians, it should be seen as a priority, community councillors said recently.

Drains on the roads and land beyond the former Night Owl nightclub are being cleared of leaves and debris to alleviate flooding issues.

A consultation is taking place with residents on the bus services around the County, with all encouraged to take part in consultation.

There have been concerns locally on the reduction of the bus times, with Cllr Kidney stating he will speak to residents of Holloway Court who have been affected.

Discussions on the repair or replacement of the swimming pool nearby at Tenby Leisure Centre are also taking place.