Pembrokeshire’s Llangwmlitfest returns this year with an exciting new programme including two authors with the surname ‘Mount’.

“We are delighted to welcome back Harry Mount who will be talking about his latest book ‘Et tu, brute?’“ says Festival Director, Michael Pugh. “The book unlocks the wisdom of the past and reveals how ancient Latin can help us to live better in the present. Covering themes such as Latin for Gardeners, the Great Latin Love Poets, Cicero on How to Grow Old Gracefully and Seneca's Stoic Guide to Life, it has something for everyone.”

“We are also delighted to welcome renowned author, Ferdinand Mount, described by some as the thinking woman’s Tom Jones’. Ferdy will be talking about his latest book on the Caesars in the room. There are Big Caesars who set out to achieve total social control and Little Caesars who merely want to run an agreeable kleptocracy without opposition: from Julius Caesar and Oliver Cromwell through Napoleon and Bolivar, to Mussolini, Salazar, De Gaulle and Trump.

“Ferdy previously worked for Margaret Thatcher, and has a lot to say about the saga of Boris Johnson, which he describes as a vivid, if Lilliputian instance of the same phenomenon.’ In the final part of the book, Ferdy describes how and why would-be Caesars come to grief, running from the Gunpowder Plot to Trump’s march on the Capitol. And he has a thought-provoking roadmap of the way back to constitutional government.

“And for those on the opposite side of the scale from Boris Johnson, psychotherapist, Julia Bueno will be travelling over from fair Bosherston to share her latest book ‘Everyone’s a Critic’. The book focuses on personal stories of the inner critic and how to stop that little voice that tells us we’re not good enough from holding us back.

“In addition, there will be fun for all the family, poetry, music, books galore, art, events for children, foraging and lots more.”

The 2023 Llangwm Literary Festival takes place between August 11 and 13 in Llangwm, Pembrokeshire.