The Coronation of King Charles III is just around the corner, and millions of Brits are getting into the party spirit and preparing to celebrate the historic royal event.

With celebrations soon to take place across the UK, the team at have researched the King's favourite things to inspire party-goers who want to throw a Coronation party fit for royalty.

King Charles will officially be crowned on Saturday, May 6, 2023, and Brits have been treated to an extra bank holiday to mark the new reign.

Celebrations will be taking place across the long weekend, and millions of families, friends and communities are expected to come together to honour the momentous occasion.

According to the 70 facts released about him on the Prince of Wales website, the King enjoys many familiar day-to-day luxuries, so adding extra royal touches will be surprisingly affordable and straightforward.

Brits really hoping to embrace the royal way for the weekend can invest in the King's favourite foods and drinks like Cheese and Biscuits, boiled eggs, and Laphroaig whisky.

This is going to be one of the most historical celebrations of our lifetimes, so make sure to take pictures of your efforts so the memories last a lifetime and can be shared with future generations in years to come.

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Tips for hosting the ultimate King Charles inspired Coronation party:

Food - A Royal editor recently revealed the King's most-loved foods, which include many organic options. Charles reportedly has a very simple palette and is a massive lover of boiled eggs. He loves foraged mushrooms, fresh fruit and vegetables, and locally raised in-season lamb. He is also an enormous lover of cheese and biscuits. Consider integrating these ingredients into recipes to make the perfect royal banquet.

From Eggs Royale and Cheesy baked eggs to Mushroom Risotto, there are many dishes to choose from. For those with a sweet tooth, according to a previous chef to the Royals, he enjoys a cream of lemon. So, consider opting for lemon-flavoured desserts when picking for the big weekend.

Drink - For those who want to drink alcohol over the Coronation weekend, consider a whisky and Martini bar station. `There are rumours that the King brings his martini glass wherever he travels and likes to drink a martini before dinner. The King is a huge whisky fan and sells his own Highgrove Organic Single Malt Scotch. For those who would rather avoid alcohol, his favourite tea is Darjeeling with honey and milk.

Music - The King is very fond of classical music and is known to enjoy symphonies and operas. As a child, he played the piano, trumpet and cello. So, during celebrations, consider sticking on the classical radio. Party planners feeling super eccentric, could even hire a cello player to honour his performance at the University of Cambridge, where he performed in a symphony concert by the Trinity College Orchestra.

If classical music is off the cards for the big day, Charles admitted to being a fan of some prominent artists like Diana Ross and Barbara Streisand, so stick a bit of ‘Upside Down’ or ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ on the aux.

Entertainment - Surprisingly, King Charles has a big love for magic and was invited to join the Magic Circle in 1975 after performing a “cup and balls trick.” It would be a fun idea to add a magic station for parties where children will be present. Head to YouTube to find fun and easy tutorials to teach them unique tricks so they can impress their friends and family members during the period.

Invest in memorabilia - It has been almost 70 years since the UK and Commonwealth have seen the throning of a new monarch. Since it will be a once-in-a-generation event, this is an excellent opportunity to invest in keepsakes and Coronation Memorabilia.

There are plenty of items that those celebrating can buy to use during the celebrations and to keep for the memories after. Sticking this on display from commemorative cake tins to Union Jack bunting and throws will showcase royal patriotism. To truly add the royal image, invest in a King Charles cardboard cut-out to stick on display.

Take pictures - Being photographed is part of the everyday life of a member of the royal family, with cameras pointing in their direction at every engagement they attend. Through years of training, they have mastered the art of posing to perfection, using their posture to asset their regal status. Looking poised when they appear as a family in front of the cameras is a trademark of the royal family.

Since the Coronation will be such an important part of history, make sure to get lots of photos to remember the big day. Make sure to get some ‘royal portraits’ while celebrating with family and friends. When posing, make sure hands are behind backs, legs are straight and everyone is standing in height order to give your coronation photos that regal look.