With a mesmerising soundscape of ambient music and texturally-rich dance, a performance at the Torch in November will offer dance enthusiasts a meditative experience.

The contemplative movement-theatre production In the Silence of Blossom Sharing that ponders on the seasonality of life will visit the Torch Theatre on Wednesday, November 8.

This show takes audiences into a series of worlds that explore how presence and absence permeate our lives, how friends drift away, how birdsong emerges in the silence of winter and how we navigate the fragile touch of the human heart.

This work-in-progress sharing of ‘In the Silence of Blossom' follows deep dance research amongst the forests, waves and lands of Pembrokeshire, interweaving exploration of presence and absence in our social and ecological existence

Led by Billy Maxwell Taylor, the company strives to create meditative movement worlds using textural dance theatre, embodied acrobatics, poetic text, music and design. With a creative team of Sound Artist Stefan Janik and Scenographer Dr. Lara Kipp and with the support of the Arts Council Wales, Torch Theatre, SPAN Arts, Jack Philp, Penquoit Centre, it’s a night not to be missed.

Prior to the show, a theatre workshop called ‘Vital Footsteps’ will take place on Sunday, October 22 at 3pm.

Vital Footsteps Workshop is a free meditative space to contemplate on climate care in Pembrokeshire. Coinciding with The Motion Pack's In the Silence of Blossoms project, this 1.5 hour workshop offers mindful movement, creative letter writing to a changing planet and a patient talking space. Register if you would like to make gentle footsteps towards harmony and be part of a wider discussion into what it means to connect with people and land.

In the Silence of Blossom Sharing will be on the Torch Theatre stage on Wednesday, November 8, 7pm. For tickets phone the Box Office on 01646 695267 or visit torchtheatre.co.uk.