A Pembrokeshire primary school has benefitted from over £1,000 raised by the village’s bonfire and fireworks night this month.

After weeks of wet autumnal weather, Templeton was thrilled to have the go ahead for the much anticipated Templeton Village Bonfire & Fireworks event, brought to the community by members of Templeton Community Council and Templeton Together, in conjunction with Pembrokeshire County Council.

On Saturday, November 4 an impressive bonfire was constructed on the village green by organisers and parents of the school. It set the scene for a wonderful evening, which included a feast of burgers, sausages and hot refreshments cooked up by members of the community council.

Templeton Bonfire and Firework Night was held on November 4, raising over £1,000 for the school
Templeton Bonfire and Firework Night was held on November 4, raising over £1,000 for the school (Friends of Templeton School)

Muddy conditions did not deter the swathe of crowds enjoying the evening on the green, with members of Friends of Templeton School - the parent-run charity supporting Templeton Primary School - on hand to collect bucket donations at the entrances.

Deputy Head Mrs Sarah Arthur joined the team of Friends at the gates to greet the excited faces of pupils from the school attending the event with their families.

The audience was dazzled by a truly fantastic fireworks display lasting over 20 minutes, culminating in rapturous applause from the crowd.

All the proceeds from this marvellous event - amounting to an impressive £1046.35 have been kindly donated to the Friends of Templeton School, who invited members of Templeton Community Council and Templeton Together to the school to meet Head Teacher Mr Kevin Phelps and celebrate the continued efforts made by the village community to support the school.

Acknowledging the privileged position Templeton Primary School finds itself in, at the very heart of the community, The Friends will continue to work with members of the community council and Templeton Together to help build on the fantastic relationship between the school and village communities, from which all can benefit.

If you live in or near Templeton Village or are a member of the Templeton Primary School Parent Community, remember to support upcoming events in Templeton and follow the Templeton Together Facebook page.

Upcoming events at Templeton Village Hall include live music from The Fix on Saturday, November 25 (7pm to 11pm).