A local county councillor has called for improvements to rural roads around the Tenby locality, which have been left substantially damaged more and more of late, with increased traffic taking its toll on the routes, following frequent diversions due to flooding.

County councillor Rhys Jordan, representing the ward of St Florence and St Mary Out Liberty (New Hedges) has now written to Pembrokeshire County Council’s head of infrastructure, transport and environment Darren Thomas to relay his concerns in the aftermath of Storm Henk and the severe flooding to the area that it caused.

The impact of the flooding was seen particularly in and around Tenby, including Gumfreston, Heywood Lane and the Clicketts, with a red alert issued for the River Ritec, and water described as ‘jeep deep’ on roads, cutting off routes and means of travel for local residents.

The road outside Kiln Park caravan site, was impassable and closed for 5 days, as floodwater submerged caravans at the holiday park.

Clicketts flooding
Recent flooding blocking off routes in and out of Tenby (Observer pic)

“As you are undoubtedly aware, the roads of Devonshire Drive, Eastern Lane, and Trefloyne Lane are undergoing significant strain. The recurrent diversions due to the flooding of the B4318 at Gumfreston, along with closures for major events like Ironman Wales and the Long Course Weekend, have markedly increased traffic on these routes,” explained Cllr Jordan in his correspondence.

“This surge in vehicular movement has led to substantial damage, not only to the road surfaces but also to the surrounding hedges and ditches.

“The situation has escalated to the point where vehicles are either falling into existing ditches or inadvertently creating new ones, exacerbating the problem further.

“Given that a long-term resolution for the B4318's flooding issues is, by the most optimistic estimates, still 3-5 years away, and with no guaranteed funding from the Welsh Government, the situation demands immediate attention.

“The current state of these roads is not only a matter of inconvenience but also poses significant safety hazards.”

In this context, Cllr Jordan said that it was interesting to read about Haverfordwest county councillor Cllr Thomas Tudor's success in getting an entire road resurfaced within 48 hours of reporting two potholes on Winch Lane in his ward, thanks to the highway maintenance team.

“This example raises the question of whether a similar level of urgency and responsiveness can be applied to the issues on Devonshire Drive, Eastern Lane, and Trefloyne Lane,” continued Cllr Jordan.

“Considering these ongoing challenges, I would like to enquire about the steps that the Pembrokeshire County Council can undertake to mitigate this situation.

“Are there any interim solutions or improvements that can be implemented to enhance the condition of these roads?

Gumfreston flooding
Recurrent flooding at Gumfreston (Stock image)

“Furthermore, are there plans to manage the increased traffic flow more effectively, thereby reducing the risk of further damage?

“Residents and regular commuters of these roads are deeply concerned about the escalating situation.

“I believe that prompt and effective action by PCC could significantly improve both the safety and quality of these essential routes,” added Cllr Jordan, who said that he hoped for a ‘proactive approach’ in addressing such issues.