Nineteen members and guests of the Rabbits section descended on Alice Springs Golf Club, near Usk, for their annual trip last week, with much discussion about what to expect course-wise and weather-wise.

Well, I say 19, it was in fact 18, as Mr. Bradbury's cambelt broke on his Renault on the way down, so he would miss the first day's golf and a few quid in fines later on.

All of this talk presented no problem to our driver, Paul Davies, who takes everything in his stride, and proceeded to show the rest of us how this course should be tackled.

After a warm welcome from the pro, it was down to the golf and the sunny conditions that greeted us... although not for long. The sun gave way to strong winds and a drop in temperature, so much so, for two holes it was driving hail, which doesn't half hurt the ears!

The first day's competition was for the Silver Rabbit and, despite the tough conditions, Paul came in with a creditable 30 points, matched only by Steve (M&H) Cole, but it was enough to secure the win on countback.

Day two was for the Oman Cup, another stableford competition. There was a bit of early morning drizzle to contend with, but everyone seemed bright-eyed, despite the previous night's imbibing and those endless trips to the loo..."Will you turn that light off" was all we could hear from our captain's room (should have got a single room, heehee!).

Now, if Daf Evans didn't have a sore head before he went out to play, he certainly did after playing the second hole. Being crouched behind a buggy whilst Mike Munro took his second shot, the ball flew through the air, narrowly missing the roof of the buggy and bouncing straight off the forehead of poor unsuspecting Daf. While most around went to see if he was okay, a certain former captain (who shall remain nameless) was heard to say, "At least it doesn't say Dunlop on your head' - it was a better class of ball... such compassion Mr. Harts... oops!

Back in the clubhouse, it seemed that the previous day's rest from golf had been good for Robin Bradbury as he came in with the winning score of 32 points.

It was also the Grand National and with five pounds from everyone riding on the race, it was with much dismay that one person picked first and third positions, raking in a fair amount of winnings, and having previously been talking about the dangers of gambling, we made sure he was heavily fined afterwards, but well done Bill (Beynon... yes, he was back on the course).

Day three was for the Pete Nobes Silver Salvers, a pairs better ball competition, and with the draw made the previous night and tactics formed, it was back to the course. Some good early scoring was heard around the tees and greens, but no one could stop the formidible pairing of Steve Cole and Mackie (sympathy) Harts becoming the eventual winners.

Overall, Paul Davies won the trip with his consistent scoring and was also the only player to make a two, so went home with the Silver Rabbit and the Peter Watkins Trophy; he also donated some of his winnings to the captain's charity, 'Paul Sartori'.

There was also another first on a Rabbits trip, as Robin Bradbury not only won the Oman Cup, but also the Crooked Putter for the lowest total score for the first two days... that's cambelts for you!

Daf Evans won the best guest competition and the most original tattoo... not that he expected that one.

Congratulations go to Tim Davies, our captain, who organised the trip for us, the excellent venue, the hotel and most of all, the t-bones.

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