Llanteg repeated their win from last year in the SPSMBA St. Johns Handicap Fours played at the Lamphey Village Hall on Saturday.

Eight clubs entered the fours competition and were split into two groups, playing five-end matches on a round-robin basis. The team handicap is based on last year’s league position, going from 0 to 4.5. Play started at 9 am and the winners of each group were to play in the final.

Group 1 results (handicap included): Llanteg 5 Skrinkle 3.5; Kilgetty 7 St. Johns 3: Llanteg 13 St. Johns 0; Kilgetty 10 Skrinkle 3.5; Llanteg 7 Kilgetty 3; St. Johns 7 Skrinkle 6.5.

Group 2 results (handicap included): Hundleton 8.5 New Hedges 6; Lamphey 6 Cosheston 3.5; Lamphey 18 New Hedges 4; Cosheston 7.5 Hundleton 4.5; Cosheston 10.5 New Hedges 8; Lamphey 6 Hundleton 3.5.

Winner group 1: Llanteg.

Winner group 2: Lamphey.

Final: Llanteg 11 Lamphey 6.

Many thanks from all the association players to the Lamphey team for a well-organised and enjoyable day of bowling.