The South Pembrokeshire Short Mat Bowls Association 2018 singles competition was played at Heatherton, on Saturday, with a line-up of 33 players from eight league clubs.

A round-robin series was played in five groups of five and two groups of four, each match over seven ends to qualify for the final 16 knockout section.

There were some shock results during these rounds, with the previous two singles competition winners losing to much-improved players, although they did manage to qualify eventually.

Knock-out, final 16 qualifiers (seven ends): Bill Adams (Cosheston) 8 Gareth Phillips (Kilgetty) 7 - after a tiebreak; Norman Hogg (St. Johns) 9 Jeff Bearne (Hundleton) 4; Mark Fowden (Skrinkle) 11 June Smith (St. Johns) 2; Libby Terry (Skrinkle) 7 Mick Butler (Lamphey) 2; John Pickett (Cosheston) 7 Tim Beard (Cosheston) 4; Graham Harries (Hundleton) 7 John Bloxholme (Skrinkle) 3; Allen Watts (Llanteg) 12 Ann Newman (Llanteg) 2; Wayne Marshall (Lamphey) 7 Samantha Hogg (St. Johns) 6.

Quarter-finals (seven ends): N. Hogg 11 Adams 1; Fowden 8 Terry 1; Harries 10 Pickett 1; Watts 8 Marshall 7.

Semi-finals (seven ends): Fowden 6 N. Hogg 3; Watts 6 Harries 5.

Final (nine ends): Watts 8 Fowden 3.

A big thank you to the Heatherton staff for laying out the mats and also thank you to all the helpers in their various roles who helped to make this such a great day’s bowling.