65 Club members enjoyed a good evening in the Giltar Hotel last Friday for Tenby Sailing Club’s annual dinner.

After a splendid meal, prizes were presented by Commodore Terry Evans. Phil Rees was the winner of the three main Cruiser series, pictured here receiving the Commander Lock Trophy for the Midweek Series and Steve Lewis won the Harry Billing Cup for the first race of the season.

Blake Shaw was deservedly awarded the Commodore’s Cup for his amazing devotion in providing unending services to the Club.

Richard Johns came forward to receive the 2023 Capsize Trophy, explaining the unfortunate experiences he had undergone to warrant it.

Tom Eyre followed on with a dozen Chocolate Box awards to the hard working training and safety crews, which rounded off the presentations.

Clubhouse: On Saturday, Blake took over as commodore and Terry moved into the treasurers role.

Sailing awards 2
Steve Lewis won the Harry Billing Cup for the first race of the season. (Pic supplied)

Marc Shepherd became vice commodore and Bill Dowell volunteered to be rear commodore.

Member’s Christmas Party will be on December 16, to include the Dinghy Section Prize giving.

Plans are also in place for the Boxing Day Swim, and TSC’s New Year’s Eve Party. TSC 2024 Membership fees are due on January 1, and will be increased by £5 for each category from February 1.

Training: Now that the new Club tractor has been prepared for use, Ed Dashfield has organised familiarisation courses for members to ensure that all prospective drivers are aware of the routine to maintain the tractor in good order.

The next course will be on December 9 at 1 pm.