Work is continuing to construct the ‘active travel link’ connection between Saundersfoot Railway Station and the junction at Valley Road where it meets the Ridgeway.

County councillor for the village’s south Ward, Cllr Chris Williams said that he has had many discussions with the Highways’ engineer regarding Fan Road.

“These works will be ongoing to April 2024. The initial works are restricted to areas where the ecology window allows,” he said.

“This is mainly to the verge area to the northern section of Fan Road. This is where the shared use path will be constructed along with new drainage and landscaping.

“There will be felling of a number of trees on the Fan Road and outside the current Saundersfoot station over the coming weeks.

“Pembrokeshire County Council has undertaken all the ecology audits and investigations and will be looking to replant additional native trees to replace those removed.

“Hopefully, during November other areas will be started outside of the ecology windows and additional contractor resources will be employed. I will supply monthly updates on this development,” he continued.

Cllr Williams said that he had also recently discussed with the Highways’ engineer issues in the village such as the two disabled bays on Milford Street.