Sunshine is set to remain in place across West Wales for the rest of the week, with temperatures rising.

Despite some eastern parts of the UK seeing a cloudy week ahead, western areas will see the best of the sunshine where it will feel very warm in places.

Saundersfoot beach (Pic. Gareth Davies Photography)

Monday will see high temperatures of 23°C with lots of late evening sunshine, temperatures could drop as low as 6°C in rural areas.

Tuesday will see the sunny weather continue in western parts of Wales with a high of 22°C.

Wednesday to Friday will see temperatures gradually climb according to the Met Office, with a lot of strong sunshine each day.

Saturday could see a change however, with some scattered showers and thunderstorms possible towards the south and southwest, potentially spreading further northeast.

Temperatures are set to remain high however in the west.

Tenby Castle Beach
Tenby Castle Beach and St Catherine's Island (Pic. Gareth Davies Photography)