Tenby, Pembrokeshire— The Harriet Davis Trust is a registered charity dedicated to providing fully adapted accommodation for disabled children and adults, aiming to create an inclusive and enjoyable holiday experience for all.

With a focus on accessibility and comfort, the trust is committed to facilitating an environment where individuals with disabilities and their families and carers can holiday with ease.

The Trust was founded by Kit and John Davis in memory of their daughter Harriet, who suffered from a rare degenerative metabolic disease. Harriet was unable to speak and had lost most of her motor abilities. With difficulty she could use a word chart and make use of an electric wheelchair. Seaside holidays, in the company of family and friends, were a source of great joy and enrichment to her and thus to all who knew her. She died at the age of eleven years and the Trust was established in 1992 as a tribute to her shining and indomitable spirit.

The Trust was founded on the principle of creating equal opportunities for all and continues to provide specialised accommodation options that cater to the specific requirements of disabled individuals and their families. The fully adapted holiday homes include full wheelchair-accessibility, including hoists and profiling beds, lifts, modified bathrooms, a hydro pool with a hoist and other vital facilities to enhance the overall comfort and safety of guests.

Giltar View, Tenby
Giltar View, Tenby (Harriet Davis Trust)

"We are excited to offer fully adapted accommodation to our guests, enabling them to enjoy a worry-free and inclusive holiday," says Carol Lincoln, the manager of The Harriet Davis Trust. "Our aim is to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to create joyful and memorable experiences without any unnecessary barriers."

For more information about The Harriet Davis Trust and their fully adapted accommodation options, visit www.harriet-davis-trust.org.uk or contact Susie at [email protected] .