Did you know that Tenby Sailing Club was founded 87 years ago, and their Clubhouse is even older?

The Clubhouse was built in 1825 and known as Sleeman’s Stores. Thomas Sleeman was a local magistrate and a wine and spirits merchant. Founded in 1936, Tenby Sailing Club has occupied the building ever since.

View of the Clubhouse (Sleeman's Stores) in 1900
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The harbour was incredibly busy in 1900 with expertly navigated sailing fishing smacks.

1900 sail races in Tenby
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But the history of sail races in Tenby is older still. Thirteen Brixham fishing smacks are documented to have raced around Caldey on September 7, 1809 taking four hours, and won by fishing boat Neatly for a Silver Cup donated by Sir Charles Morgan of Tredegar.