The Bellringers of St. Mary’s Church visited Zip World at Penrhyn Quarries recently to raise funds for worthwhile causes.

Prostate, ovarian and bladder cancers have affected family members of those that ring the bells in the tower at St. Mary’s in recent times, and in gratitude for all the support they’ve received, they decided to ‘zip’ to raise sponsorship funds for these three cancer charities.

“A wonderful weekend of friendship, fun and some trepidation followed but all can confirm that they would not have missed the experience for the world,” said Ruth Webb.

“It’s not often one gets to soar the heavens like a bird, zipping down 1555 metres at a minimum of 100 mph!

“The first zip was a short flight over the bluest of lakes, then a 20 minute climb in an old army truck to the summit.

“Thank God it was misty and we couldn’t see the drop.

“When we arrived at the launching cabin, the mist cleared and the sun peeked out, we were truly blessed to see the magnificent view as the weather forecast did not augur well.

“If anyone would like to sponsor the team, kindly give donations to any of the Bellringers, they will be gratefully received and shared equally between the three charities,” added Ruth.