Renowned travel guide ‘Lonely Planet’ has listed Tenby in it’s Top 10 of ‘Instagram hotspots’ in Wales’.

The guide explains that Wales is blessed with ‘breathtaking’ areas of natural beauty, alongside cities and towns packed with ‘Welsh charm’, making it the ideal place for keen photographers to capture spectacular panoramic shots and wide-angled beach landscapes, for posting on the popular photo-sharing site Instagram.

“With contrasting beauty all around, this petite yet powerful country, it’s hard to resist snapping a photo to share with others,” said Lonely Planet writer Amy Pay, before listing the best places to go if you want to photograph Wales at its best.

Tenby made the top 10 alongside other places such as the Gower Peninsula, Portmeirion, Snowdonia, and Cardiff Castle.

“Photographers are spoilt for choice at Tenby,” wrote Amy. “The harbour on the North Beach, complete with boats, ice cream kiosks and fishermen, is a picturesque place to start.

“Experiment with the pastel-shaded town houses on the hill of Bridge Street, a slope into the foregrounded harbour.

“South Beach’s vast spread of maize-coloured sand, sandwiched by the Bristol Channel and the lush green hills of Pembrokeshire, is well worth capturing too,” she added.