Reynalton Whist Drive is held every Thursday evening at 7.15pm in the village hall at Reynalton, near Kilgetty in Pembrokeshire.

Everyone is welcome to go along and join the group for a game of cards, a chat and a cup of tea or coffee with biscuits or cakes. This is a friendly crowd, so whatever your card skills are, you will be made very welcome.

Results for Thursday, February 8 are as follows:

Ladies: 1st Mrs Sheila Page; 2nd Mrs Juanita Davies; 3rd Mrs Margaret James.

Gents: 1st Mrs Meryl Rowan; 2nd Mrs Brenda Davies; 3rd Mr Richard Davies.

Raffle: 1st Mrs Juanita Davies: 2nd Mrs Sheila Page; 3rd Mrs Sheila Page.