A Care Inspectorate Wales report has revealed inconsistencies in safeguarding practices at Pembrokeshire County Council’s adult services sector.

Whilst some areas of positive practices were identified during a recent improvement check, the inspection revealed statutory duties are not always being met, with inconsistencies in safeguarding practices.

One of the key issues highlighted during the inspection was the premature closure of people’s safeguarding social care records when care and support protection plans may be required; which can leave vulnerable people at risk without the necessary support they need.

Additionally, the report reveals that there has been limited progress in reducing delays in the assessment and review of people's care and support plans which may lead to poor outcomes.

The Local Authority is now taking steps to address these issues and improve how it delivers services to meet the care and support needs of people.

A spokesperson for Care Inspectorate Wales said: “Overall, the inspection has highlighted the need for continued efforts to improve safeguarding practices and ensure statutory duties are consistently met.

“Given the level of our concerns, we will continue to work with Pembrokeshire Council to monitor the actions they are taking to address the shortfalls and ensure this work happens at pace.”