Examples of ‘reckless driving and speeding’ in the locality of neighbouring Pembrokeshire villages has been slammed by county councillors.

County councillor for Saundersfoot’s South ward Cllr Chris Williams and county councillor for St Florence and St Mary Out Liberty (New Hedges) Cllr Rhys Jordan have both condemned dangerous driving around the area this month.

Cllr Williams stated: “During February I received a call from a landowner with concerns that numerous vehicles had ended up in his field off the Fan Road.

“As a local resident I have known many vehicles, over the years, to end up in this field. With that in mind the current speed limit on this stretch of road is 60mph and Councillor Cormack [Saundersfoot’s north ward county councillor] and I have pushed with Pembrokeshire County Council that this stretch of road should be 40mph.

“This road then proceeds along to The Ridgeway that is currently 20mph and Alec and I feel that this buffer zone should be 40mph and this is at consultation process currently.

“I also feel that having additional chevron signs as you turn into Fan Road will assist along with a small bank and hedge on the left hand side of the roadside where there are clear gaps between the road and field.

“This wouldn’t result in any cost to PCC as the earth is already on site and would have costs if it were transported off site, as the development of the active travel link continues.

“I personally see the benefits of improving this stretch and I facilitated a meeting with the landowner and the Highways engineer to look at improving safety. I’m happy to report that everyone was in agreement and hopefully this will be implemented over the coming months,” he added.

Cllr Jordan added: “The issue of speeding vehicles across our wards remains a concern,” he remarked.

“I am persistently lobbying for improvements, in the meantime, I urge anyone witnessing reckless driving to report it to the authorities by calling 101.

“Furthermore, if you are interested in participating in vehicular speed monitoring initiatives, please get in touch with me.”