Prince Charles' visit to Tenby with the Duchess of Cornwall last week led to an unexpected autograph for a local couple.

Christine and Roy Shenton, of Meadow Road, Jameston, were amongst the crowd of well wishers who came to Tenby last Wednesday to greet the Royal couple on their visit to the resort as part of Pembrokeshire Fish Week.

Earlier in the year, the Jameston couple's son, Sergeant Bob Shenton, a weapons system operator with the 27 Squadron of RAF Odiham, was part of the air crew that flew Prince Charles in a Chinook helicopter on a special visit to Afghanistan, so Christine, who was situated in Tudor Square, felt it was an opportunity not to be missed to introduce herself.

"I was gobsmacked, as I'm normally the one who does silly things," explained Christine's husband, Roy, who was with her at the time.

"The Prince was just about to go into the Qube Restaurant when my wife held a photo up of our son with some of the air crew, which caught the Duchess's eye.

"She called the Prince over and said, 'Charlie, I think you should have a look at this photo'.

"My wife was so dry-mouthed that the Prince had to ask her about the photo before she could explain, but she was able to tell him the story and point out our son in the picture with his mop of ginger hair, before asking the Prince if he would sign the photo, which he kindly did. We're told it's not something he normally does, so it's a bit special," continued Roy.

"As he walked off, he then turned and said, 'Oh by the way, thank your son for a safe journey,' which was also a nice touch and very memorable," added Roy, who said that their son would be back in a few days to visit and would be delighted with the fact that his parents got to meet the Prince too.