Thursday is polling day and what do the major political parties say are the priorities for the new council to focus on?

Plaid Cymru group leader Michael Williams was returned to his Tenby North seat unopposed.

There are also nine Plaid Cymru candidates across the county.

Clr. Williams said: “One of our main priorities must be to provide housing for our residents. We see families now being evicted from long term rental properties to enable landlords to switch to Air B & B.

“We will campaign to bring in a licensing system for Air B&Bs. The second home premium must be used urgently to address this issue, as well as building new homes, it must be used to purchase properties in centres of population.

“There is an urgent need to increase this premium to its legal limit of 300 per cent.

“As a part of this we would seek to amend legislation to require any change from a permanent residential property to require a planning change of use.

“Where the planning authority deems that there is a saturation of second homes applications should be refused.

“I was shocked to learn recently that Pembrokeshire had the highest rate of child poverty in Wales, as an authority we must seek out ways to ameliorate this problem.

“One way which would assist in reducing this problem is the provision of homes for local young people.

“Clr. Cris Tomos has recently advocated a new rural housing initiative which must be brought to fruition,” he continued.

“We can’t survive without tourism, but there should be an evaluation of the impact of tourism on local communities. There is undoubtedly a cost which has never been assessed. We should encourage quality tourist developments, too often we end up approving developments which bring little benefit of localities, paying low wages.

“The protection of our natural environment and heritage must also be a top priority. The growth and plethora of second homes must be addressed as they are destroying our economic social and cultural life,” added Clr. Williams.

All major political parties were contacted about their priorities, there was no response from the Green Party. There are also 54 independent candidates across the county.