Neil Hamilton, AM for Mid & West Wales and leader of UKIP Wales, is urging his constituents to switch off their lights for an hour this weekend, as part of Earth Hour day.

He is backing the WWF’s Earth Hour campaign 2018, the global movement to protect our planet, tomorrow (Saturday), at 8.30 - 9.30 pm.

Every year, millions of people across the world show their love for our planet and their commitment to protecting it by taking part in WWF’s Earth Hour. Last year in Wales, an estimated 280,000 took part, as did every single local authority in the country. Iconic Welsh landmarks like the Senedd in Cardiff Bay, the National Library in Aberystwyth, and Caernarfon and Caerphilly castles all went dark.

As part of this year’s Earth Hour campaign, Mr. Hamilton, party spokesman for the environment, has backed WWF Cymru’s calls for everyone in Wales to make small changes in their everyday lives to live more sustainably - a ‘Promise for the Planet’.

Mr. Hamilton said: “I am delighted to support Earth Hour once again and pledge my support to this year’s campaign. This worldwide initiative, now in its 11th year, is the largest demonstration of support for action on climate change in the world. Every year millions of people across the globe come together, not only to save electricity, but also communally to celebrate the planet and highlight how we need to protect it.

“By taking action and making simple changes to reduce our carbon footprint, we can all make a huge difference to help protect our planet for future generations.

“Every little helps. If we all take small steps by, for example, refusing plastic cutlery, using a reusable coffee cup or turning the washing to 30°C, together we can make a real impact.

“I urge everyone to make their own personal ‘Promise for the Planet’ and support Earth Hour on the night by switching off at 8.30 pm on Saturday.”