Dyfed-Powys Police has stated that it will continue to keep an eye on anti-social behaviour in the Tenby Harbour area, with regular patrol plans.

Local authorities took the decision over the recent Whitsun holiday perios to close off a section of the harbour pier at high tides, after serious safety concerns resurfaced with the volume of people jumping in the water causing risk of injury from vessel movements within the harbour.

Tenby harbour warning
(Observer pic)

Anti-social behaviour concerns were also raised, with teenagers congregating down the pier, drinking and then diving in the sea, with some choosing to climb onto nearby premises to gain higher vantage points to jump from.

The volume of ‘boy racers’ driving to the location for meet ups has also been flagged-up by the authorities as an anti-social concern, with efforts to reduce the numbers being made, including additional fencing and security staff.

“We have adopted a multi-agency approach in providing education regarding an increase in anti-social behaviour in the Tenby Harbour area, along with patrol plans,” said a police spokesperson.

“This is in partnership with Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue, Pembrokeshire Council, the RNLI, boat owners, police cadets and Milford Haven Port Authority.

Tenby harbour warning
Gates have been introduced during high tides on the pier (Observer pic)

“Part of this is Breakwater educational presentations and a WAVE water safety events being delivered in Pembrokeshire, along with education in schools continuing to warn young people of the dangers of tombstoning and anti-social behaviour,” they added.

One of the harbour’s boatmen told the Observer that anyone who confronted the youths about their behaviour were hit with a tirade of ‘foul language’.

Tenby harbour jumping
(Observer pic)

Another boat operator reported that on one occasion last week, five teenagers jumped from the pier directly in front of his vessel, with one shouting ‘bomb the boat!’

“I appreciate that teenagers need to have fun but a tragedy isn’t far away if this isn’t policed correctly,” he remarked.

Tenby harbour warnings
(Observer pic)

PCC’s Cllr Rhys Sinnett said: “It is a working harbour and there are very real safety concerns from boat operators and Harbour staff when individuals use the area to swim and jump.

“We took the decision to restrict access to the end of the pier to boat owners and trip ticket holders at high tide following serious concerns raised about the volumes of people and risk of injury from boats.”

Tenby harbour tombstoning
Boat operators have voiced their concerns over the issue (Pic. Gareth Davies Photography)