It is hoped that new digital signs will slow down motorists that continue to travel at high speeds through the seaside village of Saundersfoot.

Giving an update on developments on recent grants that have been awarded to Saundersfoot Community Council, county councillor for the south ward Cllr Chris Williams said it was ‘disappointing’ that plans to introduce Safety Speed awareness signs for parts of the village were dragging on.

“A grant of over £26,000 has been awarded from the Pembrokeshire Enhancement Scheme and in all honestly this has dragged on far too long. Four months in, we are still waiting for developments on this,” remarked Cllr Williams.

“I’m aware now that a sub-committee has been set up to take this forward and hopefully this will gather momentum.

“Lately, I’ve had numerous residents comment about speeding motorists along The Ridgeway and down SandyHill Road.

“While these signs won’t prevent speeding they will remind drivers of their speed and they have proved to be very successful in slowing down the speeds in residential hot spots,” he added.