As the county council reviews day centre provision in Pembrokeshire, a local petition has been started to keep the Lee Davies Centre in Narberth, described by one signatory as “absolutely necessary.”

The wording of the petition states: “Decisions about services provided for older people and vulnerable adults many with complex learning disabilities are being made by councillors who are driven purely by budget savings.”  

If the Lee Davies Centre closes there will be little or no provision in South Pembrokeshire, with the closure of The Avenue in Tenby, Portfield in Haverfordwest and The Anchorage in Pembroke Dock slated for closure.

Kate Schofield, who started the petition, has a sister with Down’s Syndrome who relies on day centre services. “Over the last few years she has like the rest of us come through Covid - the day whilst out for a walk she starting laughing while hugging a tree because she couldn't hug me will stay with me forever - seen her beloved Avenue Centre close and now will possibly lose her old and new friends at the Lee Davies Centre.”

“Please show the council how we feel about the day centre closures,” added Anne Draper. Sign the petition by early June: search for ‘Lee Davies’.