The Postmistress in Rosebush celebrated 30 years with Post Office last week. Interestingly, Cynthia runs the Post Office out of a cheese shop on her farm (a former milking shed).

“We were making cheese on the farm, and we heard the local Post Office branch was shutting, so I decided to apply to run it.

“The business grew organically, I suppose.”

The branch officially opened in April 1992, alongside their family farm and cheese shop, which the Jennings started in 1983.

The shop remained open during the pandemic, providing Post Office services and selling food. Cynthia said it was quiet during that time, with fewer people coming in for cheese, but more people needing Post Office services.

She said her customers used a range of Post Office services, in particular stamps and bill payments.

“My favourite part of running a Post Office is being able to meet and greet customers, face to face.

“Usually, they come for cheese and then, because it’s a novelty, they’ll buy some stamps as well.”

Area Manager Ryan Leonard presented Cynthia with her Long Service Award this week.

“Cynthia is a fantastic Postmistress. I want to congratulate and thank her on her 30 Years’ Service.

“I know her customers really appreciate having her behind the counter, for both their cheese and Post Office needs.”

Cynthia said a good Postmistress was patient and cared for the customers.

“You’re there for them, so you’ve got to have social skills and the right knowledge to help them out.”