Parents picking up children from a Pembrokeshire School are to be politely asked to turn their engines off, whilst pupils are leaving the premises.

County councillor for Saundersfoot’s south ward, Cllr Chris Williams said that during a conversation with the headmaster of the seaside village’s primary school, it had been brought up that individuals in their cars at pick-up time were keeping their vehicle’s engines running when parked up on Frances Lane.

“This has been highlighted as an issue that needs addressing from parents/grandparents picking up, as children leave via the pavement which is at the back of where the cars are parked,” explained Cllr Williams.

“The school is politely asking that all engines are turned off while parked up, please.

“Whilst on the topic of Saundersfoot School, there have also been concerns from some parents/grandparents that cars parked in front of the school are obstructing the vision of children as they leave the premises.

“There are also issues surrounding the fact that there is only one disability bay, which is the first parking bay on Frances Lane.

“I have spoken to fellow county councillor Alec Cormack and engaged with PCC on this matter.

“I fully appreciate that this concerns all schools in Pembrokeshire and that we should look for a solution.

“Alec and I will push for a site meeting to discuss how we can resolve parking for disabled users and work with the parents to insist engines are turned off,” he added.