Palestine solidarity groups in Pembrokeshire and West Wales are mobilising for a protest in Haverfordwest this weekend.

At the protest which will take place at Castle Square, on Saturday, April 20, at 2pm, campaigners said they will aim to vehemently condemn the relentless Israeli onslaught on Gaza and send a clear message to the UK government and local MPs Simon Hart and Stephen Crabb to ‘End the complicity now!’

“We demand an immediate ceasefire and an end to arms sales that fuel this brutal oppression,” said a spokesperson for the Palestine Solidarity Pembrokeshire and Stop the War Pembrokeshire groups.

“This rally is a collective outcry against the crimes perpetrated by Israel and a rallying cry for the boycott of Israeli products.

“It’s sickeningly hypocritical that Israel strikes nations and communities first, claims victimhood when faced with resistance, and then receives unwavering support from the U.S., the UK, and Germany!

“For too long, the international community has turned a blind eye to Israel’s flagrant violations of human rights, granting it impunity while innocent lives are lost.

“Six months of relentless violence. Six months of Israel slaughtering innocent Palestinians. Six months of Israel killing over 14,000 children! That’s an average of around 76 children a day and what has our government done? Profited from arms sales, turning a blind eye to the bloodshed.

“This protest is a clarion call to all who stand for justice: It’s time to disrupt the status quo and challenge our complicit government.

“We will never give up. To dismantle apartheid, we must disrupt the everyday and refuse to be complicit in Israel’s crimes against humanity!

“Together, we will demand justice, accountability, and an immediate end to the bloodshed, the genocide and ethnic cleansing,” they added.