Instances of fly-tipping occurring at a car park in Penally have been flagged-up to local authorities, with calls for stronger action to be taken.

Photographic evidence has been presented to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority of persistent rubbish dumping at the village’s railway station car park, which is run by the authority.

Clr. Cris Tomos Pembrokeshire County Council’s cabinet member for the environment and Richard Brown the director of service at PCC have also been made aware of the matter, with calls for action to be taken.

The person who made the latest discovery, which has become a regular occurrence according to Penally ward’s county councillor Jon Preston, told the councillor that the person responsible admitted that they left the rubbish there seemingly on the advice of a holiday letting company in the understanding that there were daily collections of rubbish by the Council.

“This is an ongoing problem at Penally Station and I have regularly cleared up rubbish left strewn about the car park and I have to say that it is often local people who are responsible, as I have found in the past letters with local addresses in the rubbish bags left,” said the person who reported the matter to Clr. Preston, in correspondence calling for action to be taken by the authorities

“As you can see from the picture it is further evidence of a now well established phenomenon of holiday properties either being instructed or irresponsibly leaving rubbish bags at public recycling and bin points,” said Clr. Preston

“This is already a big problem which is more prevalent during the tourist season,” he continued, asking in correspondence to PCNPA and PCC if engagement with local letting agents to address the problem had been undertaken, and what steps can be taken to stop this ‘environmentally destructive’ practice.