A number of instances of fly-tipping occurring in the Penally ward have been reported to the local authority.

The matter was flagged up in a report from the ward’s county councillor Jon Preston to members of Penally Community Council recently.

“Unfortunately, I have cause to report a number of instances of fly-tipping in the ward. Pembrokeshire County Council is committed to stamping out the illegal disposal of waste,” said Clr. Preston.

“Under the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 the penalty for fly-tipping/non-compliance can be a maximum of £50,000 and/or five years imprisonment.

“Each household in Pembrokeshire has a legal responsibility to dispose of its rubbish in the appropriate manner. If you have waste removed and it is consequently fly-tipped, you could be held responsible and fined. To find a registered waste carrier, contact Natural Recourses Wales.

“PCC will investigate each case and pursue with legal proceedings where cases have enough evidence.

“To report instances of fly-tipping either contact me or the PCC contact centre on 01437 764551,” continued Clr. Preston who went onto say that he had also received notice of some further issues with the new waste collection service.

“I understand there have been instances of missed collections with the bio waste (purple bags) which I have reported to PCC and discussed with the cabinet member for environmental services.

“The new service will be further scrutinised by the Services Overview Committee in the New Year which is a committee I sit on and will also be able to raise these issues there,” he added.