The following items were considered at the recent meeting of Whitland Town Council...

Planning Application - PL/05608 Replacing of electrical poles – due to the nature of this application, councillors did not raise any concerns.

Consideration of Correspondence:

• Hywel Dda Engagement - Public consultation event dates for location of new planned and urgent care hospital.

• Email received from Carmarthenshire County Council Planning Enforcement Officer advising that the investigation into the building plot located at Trevaughn Road has been closed. The Clerk is to write to the Officer advising that Whitland Town Council are disappointed with the result of the investigation, due to the risk of the existing banks potentially adding to the risk of flooding.

• Notice from Carmarthenshire County Council requesting confirmation as to which Bus Shelters the Whitland Town Council are responsible for. It was confirmed that the Town Council are not responsible for any bus shelters within the ward.

• Information received relating to the formal consultation regarding the Community review of all Town/Community Councils in Carmarthenshire. All Councillrs confirmed that they had received the information. NFA at this time.

To receive any reports from working parties:

Cllr L Shipton on behalf of the Grounds Management Working Party - The signage has been installed at the Bryngwenllian Park advising that Whitland Town Council do not accept any responsibility of persons using the play equipment.

The Clerk is to meet with Cllr Shipton to ensure that the trees identified with Ash Die Back, within the recent tree survey, are located on Whitland Town Council land. Also to assess the hedges around Bryngwenllian Park as to whether they require cutting back.

Consideration to be given as the whether the local business owners are asked to ‘adopt’ the flower pot bike locks which are situate outside their premises.

Update regarding the Ten Towns Digital Project - Following receipt of the latest bank statement the Clerk will submit all the relevant paperwork to the Carmarthenshire County Council to enable the LEADER funding to be paid. Ten Towns - LEADER funding (£100,000) and a possible additional car park within Whitland.

A meeting of the Ten Towns Steering group was held on March 8 with a number of new members attending. These members currently own or have a connection to businesses located within Whitland.

The results of the recent survey were considered, which showed that just over 50% of responses received considered that parking within St Mary’s Street should remain a priority.

The views of members’ present were to the contrary with alternative projects then being discussed. The main point of conversation was the fact that with Whitland not being able to offer the services of a Post Office, the footfall on the main street had decreased greatly.

Following a lengthy discussion and consideration of additional funding available it was concluded that actions will be carried out to ascertain if it is feasible for a property to be secured to enable a hub and post office services be offered in Whitland main street.

To consider a request for a donation from the Clarby Warriors towards the cost of the bus to transport players to matches. Following consideration of all the information provided Cllr Shipton proposed that Whitland Town Council grant a donation of £100; Cllr Jones seconded the proposal with all Councillrs in full agreement.

Whitland Town Council have been advised that there is a vacancy for one Additional Community Governor on the Governing Body of Ysgol Llys Hywel and that it is therefore necessary for the Council to consider filling the vacancy. The vacancy can only be filled through nomination from the Town Council, but the nominee does not need to be a Community Councillor.

There was no nomination at present, with the item to be re-considered at the July meeting.

Councillors were saddened to receive the news that handyman John had made the decision to retire from Council work.

Consideration was given to the Council position to employee a replacement handyperson, with the role to be advertise with consideration to the position being filled as soon as possible.

Councillors were asked to consider the possibility of installing payment locks on the public toilets, which could deter acts of vandalism.

The Clerk advised that two quotations of three locks had been received. On condition that the doors, frames and that the building is able to accommodate the associated electrics the cost of such installed is in excess of £8,000. The Clerk further advised that Carmarthenshire County Council had been contacted requesting if this was something that they could offer any assistance with. A response is awaited.

It was agreed that, at this time, Whitland Town Council could not warrant a spend in excess of £8,000. The Council will consider the additional information once received from Carmarthenshire Council.

To consider the tenders received relating to the Whitland Town Council grass cutting contract. This contract will be awarded for a five year term.

Cllr S Mc Dowell proposed that the tender submitted be accepted and a five year contract awarded; Cllr Shipton seconded the proposal with all Cllrs in full agreement.

Considerations for discussion at the next meeting - It was brought to the Council’s attention that several properties along the main street of Whitland require some remedial works and painting.

It was highlighted that there is a grant available for business owners/tenants to apply for that will offer financial assistance to enhance business properties and surrounding areas from the Property Development Fund.

For more information contact Linda - the Rural Market Town Officer/Economic Development Team on 07814 064 341.