Issues for those using mobility scooters on a Saundersfoot street, trying to access the village are being looked at.

County councillor for the seaside village’s south ward Chris Williams said that recently, he had spoken with a gentleman in Pennant Avenue who was having issues with access to the village on his motability scooter.

“I met the gentleman on site and he showed me the issues he was dealing with on a daily basis,” remarked Cllr Williams.

“There weren’t any disabled access points and he had to make his own ramp to get off the kerb! I praised his ingenuity but commented that this wasn’t acceptable, not only for him but all disability groups on the estate.”

Since the meeting, Pembrokeshire County Council has met on site to look at the layout for the residents.

“I have now been informed that this work will be carried out but I’m still waiting on a timescale,” continued Cllr Williams.

“They would have to construct dropped kerbs and there will be minor disruption while this is being implemented.”