A call for an ‘anti-racism’ commitment at Pembrokeshire County Council will be heard later this week.

A notice of motion signed by all 10 members of the county council’s Labour group, says: “The publication of the Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan, aims to make Wales an Anti-Racist Nation with the purpose to collectively make a significant change to the lives of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people.”

It asks that: “Pembrokeshire County Council recognises the importance of fostering an inclusive and anti-racist community that values diversity and promotes equality.

“Recent events have highlighted the need for proactive measures to address racism and ensure that our community remains a welcoming and safe space for all residents.

“As such the Labour Group on Pembrokeshire County Council wishes to put forward the following: Notice of Motion: Anti-Racist Pembrokeshire County Council Action Plan.

“Pembrokeshire County Council reaffirms its commitment to promoting anti-racism and fostering an inclusive environment within Pembrokeshire and Wales.

“The council will actively work to eliminate racial discrimination and prejudice, both within its own operations and in the wider community.

“Pembrokeshire County Council will collaborate with local organisations, community leaders, and residents to develop and implement anti-racist initiatives and programmes.

“Pembrokeshire County Council will review and strengthen existing policies to ensure they are inclusive and address any systemic issues that may contribute to racial disparities.

“The council will provide anti-racism training for staff, elected officials, and community leaders to raise awareness and promote cultural competence.

“We will establish a working group dedicated to monitoring and addressing issues related to racism, with regular updates provided to the council.

“The council commits to engaging with the community to listen to the experiences and concerns of residents affected by racism and to take appropriate actions to address these concerns.

“The council will celebrate diversity and promote cultural awareness through events, education, and community engagement initiatives.”

The notice, signed by - Cllr Thomas Tudor, Cllr Guy Woodham, Cllr Simon Hancock, Cllr Tony Wilcox, Cllr Maureen Bowen, Cllr Paul Miller, Cllr Jordan Ryan, Cllr Marc Tierney, Cllr Nicola Gwynn and Cllr Joshua Beynon, concludes: “This motion reflects Pembrokeshire County Councils commitment to building a more inclusive and anti-racist community.

“By taking these steps, we aim to foster understanding, unity, and equality for all residents in Pembrokeshire.”

The notice will be considered at the March 7 meeting of Pembrokeshire County Council.