A Pembrokeshire county councillor has raised a glass towards the community spirit at one of the villages in his ward.

Cllr Rhys Jordan, who represents St Florence on Pembrokeshire County Council said that the villagers always find ways to ‘adapt’ in the face of adversity.

The future of the village’s cherished pub was up for discussion at a meeting recently.

In a significant gathering called by St. Florence Community Council and supported by Cllr Jordan, residents of St. Florence convened to discuss the future of local establishment The Parsonage Inn, which had recently closed its doors to the public.

The meeting, held at St Florence Village Hall, aimed to gauge community interest, and explore potential pathways for the revitalisation of the pub as a community-run venture.

Parsonage Inn Google
(Google street view)

Discussions covered the spectrum of possibilities, challenges, and steps needed to possibly bring The Parsonage Inn back to life.

This month, ‘The Community Social’ was held for the first time at St Florence Village Hall with plenty of villagers coming out to be part of it.

“As many of you know, the closing of the Parsonage Inn left a void in our community - a place that once buzzed with social life and unity - but the spirit of St Florence is indefatigable, always finding ways to adapt and reinvent!” commented the county councillor, who also represents St Mary Out Liberty (New Hedges) in the locality.

“It's with great excitement that we announce the latest chapter in our village's story, as Laura has initiated a social space at the village hall.

Villagers at the St Florence 'Community Social'
Villagers at the St Florence 'Community Social' (St Florence Village Hall/Facebook)

“St Florence stands out as a gem among villages, not just for its picturesque setting but also for its vibrant community life. We're among the lucky few to boast a shop, a verdant village green, and not one, but two welcoming pubs. If Carlsberg did villages, they'd probably take a leaf out of our book!

“Join me in wishing Laura all the best with ‘The Community Social’ at the village hall. It's more than just a space; it's a beacon of our community's resilience and warmth. Here's to new beginnings and the enduring spirit of St Florence!” he added.