Plans to form a mental health support group encouraging ‘talking and walking’ are in the pipeline to be hosted from Saundersfoot Medical Centre.

County councillor for the seaside village’s south ward, Cllr Williams said he recently met with the practice pharmacist and Dr Tamplin to discuss the possibility of setting up the new ‘walktalkwalk’ (WTW) initiative that will be based at the surgery.

They are looking at having a small number of volunteers from the community that would like to be involved,” explained Cllr Williams.

“After our meeting, walking in the village and discussing the many challenges, it’s definitely something I feel that I’m happy to get on board with other individuals who could give up an hour a week to assist.”

Cllr Williams said he had spoken to Cllr Rhys Jordan (county councillor for St mary Out Liberty and St Florence) who is the wellbeing champion for Pembrokeshire County Council.

“I personally will definitely support this venture with Cllr Jordan as we both feel that providing an opportunity for patients and staff alike to engage in these walks,” he continued.

“It’s not just promoting physical health but also nurturing mental and emotional wellbeing in our community.

“This is a mental support group first, a walking group second.”

Providing a safe place to talk will be the priority for the WTW group.

In practice, it will be a weekly walking group; providing a safe and confidential space to talk about mental health. A space to listen to others, and feel heard; with a gentle walk that is accessible to all levels of ability.

The top three walktalkwalk vales will be - community, support, connection.

If this is something that interests you, you can email: [email protected] or you can email Cllr Williams directly at: [email protected]

“The savings that this could potentially bring to the NHS in the long run are substantial - a proactive approach to health, with an emphasis on prevention rather than treatment, can significantly reduce future medical costs and alleviate the burden on our health system,” continued Cllr Williams.

“The benefits of exposure to open air, soaking up vitamin D from sunlight, and the therapeutic effects of interpersonal conversations are too significant to overlook.

“As such, I fully believe that this initiative will not only help participants maintain their physical health but will also uplift spirits, foster community bonds and provide an avenue for individuals to share, connect and heal.

“Saundersfoot Medical Centre should be applauded for running a beneficial initiative that will provide a positive impact in our community.

“I will continue this conversation in our November meeting with the possibility of a roll out in January,” he added.