Local Senedd Member Paul Davies has expressed his support for Cancer Prevention Action Week.

World Cancer Research Fund chose physical activity as a theme for its 2024 Cancer Prevention Action Week (February 19-25). It aims to raise awareness of the positive benefits of being active and the ‘Make Your Move’ campaign seeks to encourage people to be more active in their daily lives.

Mr Davies said, “I’m proud to support Cancer Prevention Action Week and I urge everyone across Pembrokeshire to take part in the Make Your Move campaign. We know that being physically active is already good for our health and wellbeing, but there’s also strong evidence that being active reduces the risk of many cancers too.

“Being more active in daily life doesn’t have to mean running a marathon. There are plenty of ways to be a bit more active throughout the day - so get creative! Even if it’s something as simple as jogging on the spot whilst the kettle boils, it all helps.”

“There’s a wealth of information available on the World Cancer Research Fund website, so please take a moment to read through their tips on how to be more active, and show your support.”