Gower Seniors had the two Ronnies as their opening pair last Thursday and they proved a most convivial pair. Ron Brown had chosen Ron Holloway as his partner to face Des Stone and Brian Morgan in the opening game of this match. The whole round was full of fun in a very relaxed atmosphere, perhaps too relaxed sometimes, since Brian and Des let a three-hole lead slip in the middle of the course. Rather like the Hare and the Tortoise, the Tenby pair started in great style finding themselves three up after three holes. Ron, you'll have to guess which one, won the fourth and started the long slow recovery. Both Rons were confused, however, when they saw Brian take a left-handed iron for one shot and a right-handed one for his next, but those of us who know him are never surprised at what club he uses. He doesn't know his left from his right! Des was surprised that he had chosen this match to find out which was best. However, things turned out fine as, on the last hole, Brian had a par four to snatch the win. The Two Ronnies had clawed their way back to all square on the 17th to put this match on a fine balance. Two poor drives by the visitors on the 18th, however, gave Brian his chance for glory and he took it in style, reaching the green in two. Conviviality was a common theme during the cloudy afternoon as everyone declared how much they had enjoyed the golf and the company. This was Gower's second visit this year. They played Tenby B team in the South Wales Classic in April and forced that match to a deciding hole which went in Tenby's favour. Having played the course once they were back to try and redress the balance. Did they succeed? - read on to find out. If good golf and determination were part of the strategy, then the second Gower pair demonstrated it to good effect. Bob Hughes carded nine pars in his round against Ken Gouldsbrough and Alan Keating. It was a dejected Ken who passed on the information that he was three down after six holes - a situation from which he and Alan never recovered as they were constantly playing catch-up. The chipping from Bob and Ray Collins proved too accurate as they left themselves short putts to win the holes. Everyone shook hands on the 13th. Another pair to achieve a 'Dog's Licence' score was that of Martin Neilan and Derek Bath. Unfortunately, they were two against one as Alwynne Jenkins did not have a partner. As it was, this was the eighth and last match out as Gower were unable to field 10 pairs due to a fixtures clash. Derek and Martin would have been a match for any visiting pair and as it happens they rather overwhelmed Alwynne by winning the first five holes. A minor recovery on the sixth when he won the hole was not enough get him back into the game and this match was over on the 13th. Alwynne's personality was almost as 'bubbly' as Derek's and he promised revenge when the clubs meet again next week. The first group were surprised to see Lyn Evans and Colin Rowlands watching them putt out on the 18th. They had walked in early, having conceded to Newman Vincent and John Cook. The energetic Newman had used all his reserves up with a great front nine, but then went to pieces as John took over the lead on the 10th. Lyn and Colin were over excited when they won their first hole - the 10th and thought that their luck had changed as one wheel started coming off the Tenby trolley. They couldn't control themselves on the 12th as they saw Newman head for Caldey to look for his ball, secure in the knowledge that John's ball had landed on the putting surface. However, no ball was found and the mystery remains as they had to concede the hole to the visitors. Tired and weary, they agreed not to cross the railway line, opting instead for an early shower. Geoff Aston and Jack Hasdell could only watch and admire as Frank Walker drove the final nail in their coffin. He hit his second shot, a five-wood, two 240 yards to land his ball on the 18th green. He had made excellent use of his 22 handicap all afternoon, as he and his partner, Bill Thorpe, went four up in this match. While Frank achieved the spectacular, Bill plodded along ensuring that the Tenby pair were unable to get a foothold. A par was not enough to win a hole, only to halve it, as demonstrated on the first three holes. An indication of the quality was seen on the12th when Frank, already three up, putted from 40-foot to drop the ball into the hole. Some stubborn resistance from Geoff and Jack made sure that this match was competitive. The team headed by the two Ronnies also had a joker in the pack. This was Len Bastin who has become renowned for his after-meal jokes. He managed to keep Bob Howse and Tony Ranoe amused, and frustrated, all the way round as he showed his mastery of his handicap. Along with Michael Ingamells, he kept Bob and Tony on their toes by ensuring they had to get a par just to halve a hole. It appears that humour can be a great weapon as long as you can keep your own game together. The Tenby unhappy faces were made more unhappy when Bob realised that he did not have a towel with him so could not shower after the match. Things can only get better! Today it was not 'the wife's fault' - well we assume that Hywel couldn't blame Avril, although it seems somewhat fortuitous that the only two who played alongside their spouses on Tuesday were paired together on Thursday! They obviously had much to discuss as they 'tootled' along in their buggy. John Mills and Ken Graves made sure that they were not too self-absorbed as they enjoyed a match that was - nip and tuck - close game - in good company. Like Newman, Dave had a great front nine, then faded to give Hywel responsibility on the back nine. He rose to the challenge, like we know he can, and helped the game end in a tie. It was a close thing and Dave had the final say when he putted out to win the 18th after watching Ken Graves miss his putt. John Mills had influenced the result on the 15th. He chipped in from off the green to win the hole and bring the match to all-square, while Dave missed his putt (in shock) which would have halved the hole to keep the Tenby pair one up. Another pair full of praise for the opposition, through gritted teeth, was that of Roy Morgan and Owen Monaghan. They were matched with an in- form Keith Hickman, who carded 10 pars in an excellent round. He was striking the ball from everywhere and had no trouble with the pace of Tenby greens. Mind, Owen was suffering after- match blues, having seen his beloved Liverpool lose in the week, but even he could not dent the confidence of the opposition. Roy stated that they kept with Keith and Mike Roberts until the 12th, but then fatigue set in and confidence faded and they had to concede on the 14th. The atmosphere in the clubhouse afterwards was one of relaxation and comfort as the conversations flowed easily and naturally amongst friends. Lynn was complimented on the after-match meal and Chris praised for the course. Len Bastin shared some jokes and the Gower captain said that he was looking forward to next week's match at Gower and expressed delight at driving home with a victory under his belt. And finally, it was 'Good night from me and goodnight from him'. Results: D. Stone and B. Morgan beat R. Brown and R. Holloway 1 up; A. Keating and K. Gouldsbrough lost to B. Hughes and R. Collins 7 and 6; N. Vincent and J. Cook beat L. Evans and C. Rowlands 8 and 7; G. Aston and J. Hasdell lost to F. Walker and B. Thorpe 2 down; B. Howse and T. Ranoe lost to M. Ingamells and L. Bastin 2 down; R. Morgan and O. Monaghan lost to K. Hickman and M. Roberts 5 and 4; H. Probert and D. Morgan halved with J. Mills and K. Graves; M. Neilan and D. Bath beat A. Jenkins 7 and 6.