National Trust Colby Woodland garden have been inviting families to explore Colby throughout August looking for bees, pollinators and other invertebrates. The gardening team at Colby allow the grass in the meadow to grow tall, only cutting it when everything has set seed. This means that it's usually rich in wild flowers and butterflies. You'll also discover field mice, voles, frogs and toads. Considering the dry spell earlier in the summer which affected the wild flower abundance in Colby's meadow, there was still plenty to see, including half-a -ozen different species of Bumblebee and Shield Bugs. Families took nets, bug pots and field guides to help identify their finds and then returned to the Bothy for craft making, wild art, wildlife hunts or to make bug houses. There was also an opportunity to create some wild art with local artist Tina Cunningham ,of Sculpture by the Sea, and Jenny, of Rustic Revolution. Wild art is one of the 50 things to do before you're 113/4 activities Colby is offering to visitors this autumn, along with pond-dipping, den-building, tree-climbing, to name just a few. National Trust Colby Woodland Garden are grateful to Clare Flynn and Kiri Howells for their support and are as ever indebted to their team of gardeners and volunteers who continue to maintain the garden and some who have supported their events this summer. Visit Colby on Facebook"> or visit their website for more events and activities coming up this autumn at">