There will be changes to rubbish and recycling collections in Pembrokeshire over Christmas.

Collections will take place as normal until Friday, December 23.

There will be no waste and recycling collections on Boxing Day, Monday, December 26.

Collections will take place one day later than usual i.e. collections due on Monday 26 will take place the following day on Tuesday 27; this sequence will continue all week including collections due Friday 30 will take place on Saturday 31.

Normal Collection DayCollection Day for week commencing December 26Collection Day for week commencing January 2
MondayTuesday, December 27Monday, January 2
TuesdayWednesday, December 28Tuesday, January 3
WednesdayThursday, December 29Wednesday, January 4
ThursdayFriday, December 30Thursday, January 5
FridaySaturday, December 31

Friday, January 6

Collections will return to normal from Monday, January 2.

There are no changes to what is scheduled for collection. Please make sure your containers are out for collection by 6.30am.

Please check your online calendars or sign up to the notification service via My Account to see which items are collected each week.

Pembrokeshire Recycles at Christmas

Christmas is a truly wonderful time of year, but while enjoying the festivities please also remember to recycle, below is a list of what can be recycled in each of the kerbside sort containers.

Blue Reusable Sack – Cardboard & Card including delivery boxes and brown packaging/wrapping paper and Christmas cards without glitter, foil embossing or any other embossing on them (no bows, ribbons etc). Please ensure your cardboard is flattened or cut to fit within the blue bag to fit in the vehicle compartment.

Blue Box – Paper including newspapers and magazines, leaflets, envelopes and paper based wrapping paper which meets the “SCRUNCH TEST” (paper which bounces back after it is scrunched in a ball, foil based paper or wrapping paper with glitter on is not recyclable and should be placed in your grey residual bags).

Red Reusable Sack – Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays (excluding black and brown plastic pots, tubs and trays), food and beverage cartons and metal packaging including cans, tins, empty aerosols, foil and foil trays. Your plastic sweet/ chocolate tubs and metal biscuit tins are also recyclable through the red bag.

Green Caddy – Food Waste – including peelings, turkey carcasses and any Christmas left overs. But why not turn any leftover food into a wonderful dish, like a curry or pie.

Green Box – Glass Bottles and Jars – including wine, beer and spirit bottles, sauce jars and non food bottles such as empty perfume bottles.

Household-provided clear bag – Household Batteries

For a more detailed list please use the Pembrokeshire Recycling A-Z or Recycling Search

Please help waste collection crews by putting your recycling out for collection before Christmas, to ensure you have as much space as possible in your recycling containers over the busy festive period.

Alternatively, you can take your waste it to any Waste and Recycling Centre via a pre booked slot or recycle through one of the community recycling points located throughout Pembrokeshire.