Audiences are in for a treat this month when the Vision Theatre Company takes on The Habit of Art.

Playwright Alan Bennett is quite rightly considered to be a national treasure, and any production of one of his plays is considered a must-see. Not as well-known, perhaps, as Bennett’s The History Boys or The Lady with the Van, nonetheless The Habit of Art is instantly recognisable as a Bennett classic with its witty dialogue and the depth of its characterisation.

In The Habit of Art, a group of actors takes on an imaginary play - Caliban’s Day - that is the product of an imaginary collaboration between two artistic giants, poet W H Auden and composer Benjamin Britten.

While the premise sounds complicated, in the hands of a genius like Alan Bennett the laughs come by the bucketload - tempered by thought-provoking meditations on artists and their work.

It is a show that works on so many levels, and will delight audiences.

The Habit of Art is directed by Arron Evans and will be performed at Boulevard Theatre, Milford Haven June 28-30.