A heart-warming tale about confidence, self-esteem, and a shy little mouse who sets out on a journey to find his roar can be seen live on the Torch Theatre stage in Milford Haven this August.

The Lion Inside is based on the multi-million copy selling book by Rachel Bright and Jim Field and is beautifully presented to ensure all audience members leave with the biggest of smiles.

In a dry dusty place where the sand sparkled gold, stood a mighty flat rock, all craggy and old. And under that rock in a tinyful house, lived the littlest, quietest, meekest brown mouse.

Fed up of being ignored and forgotten by the other animals, Mouse wishes he could roar like Lion. But, as he discovers, even the biggest, bossiest people are scared sometimes ... and even the smallest creatures can have the heart of a lion!

Suitable for age three plus, this brand-new adaptation for the stage is directed by Sarah Punshon (The Jungle Book), with music and lyrics by Eamonn O’Dwyer (Brief Encounter) and is a must see for all members of the family.

The production’s allure is significantly heightened by the visual and auditory splendour crafted by Oli Townsend’s set and costume design, alongside Laura Cubitt’s enchanting puppetry direction. These elements combine to create a rich, immersive experience that captivates children and adults alike, proving especially appealing to children aged 3 and upward.

The Lion Inside can be seen at the Torch Theatre on Thursday, August 15 at 2pm and Friday, August 16 at 11am and 2pm. For tickets call 01646 695267 or visit torchtheatre.co.uk.

No matter your size, we all have a mouse and a lion inside!