It’s not too late to catch Saundersfoot Footlights’ pantomime Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood. The slideshow features photos by Graham Westley Lacdao.

Congratulations yet again to Saundersfoot Footlights for bringing us another great Pantomime, with its usual technical effects, staging, costumes, and lighting to wow the audience.

Under the direction of Jordan Dickin and Anna Nelmes the scene is set by the Poet (Cody Zatac) who, in rhyme, introduces us to Nottingham’s Goose Fair. Enter next the Minstrel (Bethan Rowe) who serenades the crowd with a cringe-worthy medieval ditty!

The good Queen Ruby (Andrea Thomas) is off to continue the good works of her father and fight in the Holy War and so she leaves her nephew Sam (Rafael Magic and Kai Dougherty) and niece Ella (Josie Chell and Holly Wright) under the care of her viceroy the ruthless tyrant the Sheriff of Nottingham (Sam Gilpin). Little does she know of his plans to steel all her riches aided by his henchmen Snivel (Lana Lewis) and Grovel (Anna Nelmes) who are a little bit dim, to say the least, and make a great comedy duo!

In her first lead role with Footlights Joules McLaughlin plays the courageous hero Robin Hood who in disguise challenges Sir Guy of Gisbourne (Fergie Beynon) to an archery competition. With his band of Merry Men Little John (Betsy Cole), Friar Tuck (Vince Brinton-Hayward) and Will Scarlet (Amber Sauders) get into all sorts of trouble and there are some great comedy moments during their efforts to rescue the Maid Marian (Libbie Stewart-Walvin). Betsy’s comic timing is particularly good as is Libby songs.

But we haven’t mentioned the Dame yet! Jordan Dickin is appearing as a dame for the first time and is very funny as Nurse Nellie Nickerlastic in her numerous colourful costumes and hairstyles!

We mustn’t forget the amazing backing vocals trio Hannah Hawkins, James Marjoram and Sophie Eastwood with their great vocals and moves.

It is a brilliant production which wouldn’t be possible without the adult and junior ensemble who bring it all to life with wonderful choreography by Emily Davison.

A big well done to the supporting team and who have been working behind the scenes with construction, props, amazing costumes, lighting, sound and marketing working hard to make it an enjoyable experience.

Not seen it yet? Well it’s not too late to see it and find out what happens in the end. 

You can book tickets for 7.30pm performances for Wednesday, December 6, Thursday 7 and Friday 8 or a 2pm performance on Saturday 9. Tickets are available at the door or online at .