S4C are looking for a couple who want to get married in front of the cameras with a budget of £15,000 for the big day.

Over the years the Priodas Pum Mil series has arranged 47 weddings with £5,000 to spend with help from friends and family.

This time the amount has been tripled for a special programme shown over Christmas.

The budget will be used to fulfil the couple’s dream day, with elements that just wouldn’t be possible without the financial boost.

S4C viewers will choose the winning pair, and you can submit your application or nominate a deserving couple.

The lucky couple will have the support of their families and friends to organise the big day, with the help of presenters Emma Walford and Trystan Ellis-Morris.

Emma Walford said: “I’m not sure who will be most excited – the lucky couple or the presenting couple!”

“This is a very special chance for someone. We can look beyond our usual financial restrictions not spending for the sake of spending, there might be a special location you have in mind for the wedding, or you may have family members who live on the other side of the world.

“Why don’t you try so that you can fulfil your dreams? This is such a big opportunity and we will do our best to deliver for you.”

Trystan Ellis-Morris said: “I never get tired of working on this series. We are offering a special little twist with this programme – for one wedding only – you have £15,000 to spend.

“Please get in touch right now. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.”

You can apply via the series website www.priodas.cymru where there is a simple application form to fill.

You can catch up with all the recent Priodas Pum Mil programmes on S4C Clic and BBC iPlayer.