Members of the Tenby Observer photography club 'Picture This' have been continuing to explore the hues, textures and lighting of Pembrokeshire in February.

Ruth Ashworth, who took the photo of Carew Castle above, described the conditions as “Blinding sun at Carew Mill Pond at 11am Thursday morning… such a warm, calm day.”

On Saturday, she used her mobile phone to capture the hazy Tenby skyline from an Amroth Beach viewpoint:

View towards Tenby from Amroth (mobile phone picture)
(Ruth Ashworth)

Next from Ruth was a colourful peacock, resident at Manor House Wildlife Park.

Peacock at Manor House Wildlife Park
Peacock at Manor House Wildlife Park (Ruth Ashworth)

Soft dusk light shrouds Tenby Harbour in this aubergine-tinted quay-view, framed with lobster cages and rope. Congratulations to David Bolton for a spectacular shot!

Atmospheric Tenby Harbour
Atmospheric Tenby Harbour (David Bolton)

A grainy bed of sand and a motley, partly mackerel, sky define this 'quiescent harbour scene' taken in Tenby by Quentin Elston., but somehow it’s the yellow boat in the foreground that pins it all there and brings the scene alive - albeit in a very quiet way.

A quiescent harbour scene, Tenby
A quiescent harbour scene, Tenby (Quentin Elston)

As has been observed by some readers, our website picture crops can be a bit extreme. Hopefully you can see enough of this tall photograph of Lydstep Caverns, taken by Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, to appreciate the reflected frame of the cavern entrance and the subtle shades of green in the water. It is truly stunning.

Lydstep Caverns
Lydstep Caverns (Elizabeth Fitzpatrick)

It was good to see some past pictures of Tenby in the 1980s, posted by Robert Jones.

Tenby’s Castle Hill and Quay in the 1980s - only one Lifeboat House back then.
Tenby’s Castle Hill and Quay in the 1980s - only one Lifeboat House back then. (Robert Jones)

We’ll leave you with four beautiful Tenby pictures taken recently by regular contributor Lucy Crockford. Keep up the good work!

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Pink Sky over St Catherine’s Island, Tenby