Oriel Q Gallery, Narberth bursts into high summer from August 4 until September 2, with a vibrant show.

“Colour” is itself the basis for so much in our experience of life ! – think ‘red’ for danger, traffic lights, how we tell when fruit is ripe, or often as a symbol of our tribe, team or country. Artists use it to delight the eye and, especially on a flat surface, to identify hollows and shapes, distance, moods and tensions vividly.

Exarchia Square at night by Liz Tobin
Exarchia Square at night (Liz Tobin)

In its more abstract forms, such as in the later paintings of the American artist Rothko, colour, becomes the most direct way to communicate deep thoughts on the condition of mankind.

Colour, as a subject, invites a huge variety of responses. Some of the most exciting painters can say what they want using a limited palette; others prefer to experiment in the same painting with four different blues and several reds, and others again play with the fact that colours are affected by the ones placed next to them.

Floating Bowls by Judy Maynard
Floating Bowls by Judy Maynard (Oriel Q)

A painter stands out amongst his fellows as being aware many more subtleties in the variations of colour – evident, for example, in the use of blue and violet shades in the painting of shadows.

                               Experimental painting by Peter Spriggs
Experimental painting (Peter Spriggs)

By contrast, in the window, the Narberth gallery has a first in the fused, stained and leaded glass pieces by artist of the month, Pamela Blackhurst. Surrounding trees have provided Pam with her latest subject matter and she is hoping to donate 10 per cent of her sales to Tree Sisters who work to ethically restore and replant depleted forests everywhere. Other pieces show quirky, humorous mediaeval animals.

mediaeval sea dragon with fish by Pam Blackhurst
Mediaeval sea dragon with fish by Pam Blackhurst (Oriel Q)

Thus, a great variation in approach awaits the visitor to Oriel Q Gallery, at 11 Market Street Narberth SA67 7AX which is open Wednesdays to Saturdays from 10m to 4pm, telephone 01834 218 894.

Watch out for lectures and workshops that will be announced later on the gallery website.